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Roll a Ferret for Jesus! Our first CD, which everyone wondered 'Why?' about...


NB. This 'CD' is currently only sporadically available as a physical CD but *may* still be downloadable from the Guffr.it site linked to below somewhere...

AND FROM 2006, our second CD - an everyday story of boat-dwelling pigs - full details at THREE SHEETS TO THE WIND - HERE!

NB. This CD is a proper, physical disk from the shop or the Guffr.it site linked to below somewhere...

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PLAYABLE, DOWNLOADABLE OR SAMPLEABLE TRACKS FROM ALL CDs now on the official Black Pig site or HERE at Guffr.it!

ALSO, FROM 2005: Black Pig perform the SELSTON MUMMERS PLAY - now available on DVD!

AND FROM 2010, for something completely different, the Black Pig rock band - THE UNDERCOVERS! (currently mothballed - although there has been talk of a revival?)

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The original CD concept... Early in 2002 we were a bit short of musicians for practices. So we decided to put some of the musicians squeezings, scrapings and pluckings on tape for nights when we were low on numbers, and for newbies to practice to in the privacy of their own home. This idea grew to a CD, and then to selling copies but what we ended up doing was a fully professional set of recordings with proper printed covers and payment of copyrights etc etc!

The first CD is 73 minutes of 20 tracks which include most border dance tunes of the right length to dance to (this includes a couple of cotswold ones too), a few songs and the audio for the *complete* BP performance of the Selston Mummers play!

I have to say that we are extremely pleased with these CDs. These are not merely tunes and songs bashed off in a hurry, but are properly arranged, have added special effects and the whole thing really is good to listen to. We are already planning sequels....

For more info on Black Pig music go HERE!

For more info (and the script) on the mummers play go HERE!


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As to the 'why?' from the top of the page, well we used to practice in an old skittle alley and the pub was also home to a ferret club and, er well, er Black Pig have never been known for their er, tact, reverence or er, political correctness. So there!

By the way did I mention the photo included of a certain members tattoo? I didn't? Well you'll have to by the CD to see which young lady's er, bum, is er, revealed. Now that is what I call *commitment* to the side and er, we all appreciate it!

The last track is amazing - when I got the mp3s sorted, I always intended to send this one to John Peel. Sadly, it is now too late. - RIP JP.

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